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Sport and Activity

Engaging in Sport and Leisure activities is important for both physical and mental wellbeing, and if we are to make steps towards becoming a healthier borough we all must try our best to ensure that organisations work to prevent abuse from occurring, and to respond promptly if it has.

Adults with safeguarding needs must be given space to take appropriate and reasonable risks, which may occur during sport. Visit the Ann Craft Trust website to view the guide.

There is also a Club Safeguarding Consideration List which can help you consider some helpful questions about how safeguarding is managed in sport or activity clubs.

It is also important to consider wider social situations and activities where safeguarding issues may arise, and not just sport. For example, faith groups have a responsibility to their community.

All staff and volunteers at an activity centre have a role and responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of adults. You must;

  • Recognise – Be able to identify abuse and neglect and raise a concern.
  • Respond – Reassure the individual, tell them what you will need to do, ask them what they want to happen.
  • Refer – Contact your Safeguarding Lead.
  • Record – Who, what, where, when – make sure you write down what you see, hear or are told separating fact from fiction. Keep your record safe and maintain confidentiality.