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Learning reviews

What are Learning Reviews?

Learning reviews are undertaken when there has been a death or a serious injury has occurred to an adult or child caused by abuse or neglect.

Prior to the introduction of Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018, CSPRs were known as Serious Case Reviews (SCRs), but SCRs are no longer a part of current practice. 

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPR)

All partner agencies have a responsibility to inform the Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Partnership of any serious incident which they think should be considered for either a national or local CSPR. The cases are discussed at the Child Learning, Review and Training (CLRT) sub-group, and the Rapid Review Process instigated.

There are two types of review:

  • local reviews: where safeguarding partners consider a case raises issues of importance within their area; and
  • national reviews: where the CSPR Panel consider a case that raises issues which are complex or of national importance. 

Download our published SCRs / CSPRs

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Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR)

The Care Act 2014 states that all Safeguarding Adult Boards - known in Telford as the Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Partnership - must arrange a SAR when an adult in its area dies or serious harm is caused as a result of abuse or neglect - whether known or suspected - and there is a concern that partner agencies could have worked together more effectively to protect the adult. The cases referred to TWSP are discussed at the Adult Learning, Review and Training (ALRT) sub-group, and learning dissemination and progression is managed through this sub-group.

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Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR)

The purpose of a DHR is to establish the lessons that can be learned from the homicide, apply these lessons to inform local and national policies and procedures, as appropriate, and to highlight evidence of best practice. The cases are referred to the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) - known locally as the Safer Telford and Wrekin Partnership - and although the progress of the review is managed through the CSP, learning dissemination is also shared with our Domestic Abuse sub-group.

Download our published DHRs

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