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Safeguarding adults in care homes – NICE Guidelines

Published: Thursday, 2 December 2021

These guidelines and subsequent recommendations address how best to keep adults in care homes safe from abuse and neglect.

The Guidelines include information on potential indicators of abuse and neglect by individuals or organisations and the safeguarding process from when a concern is first identified through to section 42 safeguarding enquiries. These guidelines make action-orientated recommendations to improve safeguarding for residents of care homes. There are recommendations on policy, training, and care home culture, to improve care home staff awareness of safeguarding and ensure people can report concerns when needed. They cover all adult residents of care homes, including people who stay at care homes for shorter periods (for example day visitors).

The TWSP recommend that these Guidelines should be used and referred to by the following groups: 

  • care home providers, managers, staff and volunteers
  • other health and social care practitioners working with adults in care homes
  • health and social care commissioners of residential care for adults
  • local authorities and Safeguarding Adults Boards
  • adults living in care homes, their families, friends, carers and advocates, and the public.

For a copy of the full Guidelines along with other useful information please visit the NICE website.