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TWSP are proud to support the ‘I statements’!

Published: Tuesday, 9 November 2021

The ‘I statements’ are a series of easy to use, jargon-free personalised principles that focus on what matters to people receiving services from Adult Social Care.

The statements describe what ‘good’ looks like from the individuals perspective and remind us that good service is not just about ‘doing something’ but ensuring that whatever action is taken is based on what is important to that person. The ‘I statements’ are coupled with ‘We statements’ which explains what organisations should be doing to meet those principles.

“The ‘I statements’ and the principles that underpin them are fully supported by the Safeguarding Adults Board which I have the privilege to chair. Together, they represent a comprehensive approach that focuses on people’s expectations to live a fulfilling life, connected to family, friends and community, while receiving support that promotes wellbeing and independence. I would encourage all safeguarding partners to adopt them”

Andrew Mason – Independent Chair of the Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Partnership and Chair of the Safeguarding Adults Board.

There are 6 themes which the ‘I statements’ focus on:

  1. Wellbeing and independence
  2. Information and advice
  3. Active and supportive Communities
  4. Flexible and integrated care and support
  5. When things need to change
  6. Workforce

For a full list of all the ‘I and We Statements’ please follow the link to the Making it Real webpage: Six themes of Making it Real - About - Making it Real - Think Local Act Personal.